Protein2o Focuses On Added Functionality
Protein2o Expands Line to Feature More Flavors That Offer Protein + Electrolytes   Elk Grove Village, IL (June 25, 2021) This week Protein2o announces their electrolyte expansion as consumers push for more functionality in their beverages. Protein2o, America’s #1 protein water, sees this revamp as a vital move to meet demand and offer more function …
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Protein2o Ramps Up Marketing With Focus On Taste, Functionality
  Protein2o Ramps Up Marketing With Focus On Taste, Functionality by Steve Ellwanger, 2 hours ago   With competitors like Gatorade wading into protein water, Protein2o is expanding its previously digitally focused marketing to target upper-funnel prospects on connected television. Protein2o began running spots this week on Amazon Prime Video that focus on taste and functionality. …
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30 Habits Healthy People Live by, Because There’s More to It Than Diet and Exercise
MARCH 15, 2021 By KAITLIN VOGEL  @@KaitlinVogel There’s no denying that health and happiness go hand in hand—those who practice healthy habits like eating well, exercising regularly and getting enough sleep tend to live happier, more fulfilling lives. While diet and exercise are core components of a healthy lifestyle, there are many more habits that can significantly improve your overall wellbeing. …
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Protein2o plant-based, vegan protein water is my go-to morning beverage
I keep track of my diet in a food app and I struggle to eat enough protein. I have tried many protein shakes and with added sugars and some are too sweet or chalky to want to drink too much of, I could never find one that gives me the added protein I need and …
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Our 8 Favorite Healthy Plant-Based Items to Buy This Week, From The Editors
When you try to buy something healthy at the store, the experience of shopping can be overwhelming–there are just too many choices (or you can’t find that exact vegan cheese you need for your recipe tonight). That’s why each week the editors of The Beet share our favorite products and lifestyle hacks and what helps us achieve our healthy …
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Protein2o For A New You In 2021
  Posted by Yasmin Jorge | Jan 19, 2021 | 360 Health and Fitness, Fall/Winter It’s time to get inspired for our better selves for the new year — so no more talk and acceptance of pandemic weight gain or extra winter pounds. To get going to achieve strong, healthy bodies, 80% of the battle is nutrition.  Thus, we’ve sampled an …
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Whey Out: Dairy-Based Brands Seek Plant-Powered Expansion
Brad Avery  Jan. 28, 2021 at 12:35 pm As consumers continue to embrace plant-based diets, the protein drink category is no exception to the growing trend towards vegan products. But as plant-based protein startups like OWYN and Koia grow, established companies that have long played in the animal-based sector are now looking to get in. This …
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Former Gatorade, Walgreens, and PepsiCo Execs Betting on This Protein Water Brand
January 19, 2021 10:29 AM Protein2o launched a vegan protein water last month ALLY MAROTTI  Courtesy of Protein2o Protein2o Back in the 2000s, when Bob Kral was in charge of filling Walgreen’s shelves with product, he had a hunch about protein products. Kral was at Walgreens when it launched VitaminWater and 5-hour Energy, and witnessed …
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This Protein Water From Costco is a Total Steal
BY AIMEE LAMOUREUX/JAN. 8, 2021 12:47 PM EST If you are trying to commit to an exercise routine in the new year, you know it can be somewhat difficult to get started. There are untold amounts of products, plans, and gizmos all claiming to be the secret to a perfect body, and it can get overwhelming …
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Meet The Disruptors: Bob Kral On The Three Things You Need To Shake Up Your Industry
Jason Hartman Follow Dec 27, 2020 · 9 min read Family First — I never missed my sons competing in whatever sport or school event they were in. I’d fly four times a week just to make sure I could be there for them. You don’t want to miss opportunities like that! Asa part of our series …
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