Protein2o Signs First College Athlete – Roman Bravo-Young

August 18, 2021 /  No Replies

There’s no stopping us now! Say hello to the newest member of our team, Roman Bravo-Young: NCAA champion, 3X NCAA All-American, one of the most exciting athletes in wrestling, and the first Powered By Protein2o Collegiate Athlete. We’re extremely honored to support Roman as he continues to dominate the collegiate wresting world and shows his audience that a dream is just an initial manifestation of your goals.

During high school, Bravo-Young put into motion his lifechanging career. Wrestling on the varsity team as a freshman and winning every single match for 4 years straights is nothing short of incredible. Bravo-Young has continued his success throughout his college career starting out his freshman year by placing 5th at his first Big Ten Championship; paving his success to become a three-time NCAA All-American Champion and the Reigning NCAA Champion.

As college athletes were granted NIL freedom, we wasted no time to build our partnership and support Bravo-Young through his monstrous growth. “Our protein water has been loved by collegiate and professional athletes for years. We were thrilled to finally be able to support the athletes that we have been watching from our couches. We’re looking forward to supporting Roman through his explosive career,” said Protein2o CEO, Bob Kral. The feelings were nothing short of mutual as we spent time getting to know Bravo-Young. He states, “I’m excited to work with the company [Protein2o], their drinks have been ideal for my needs to ensure my recovery. This partnership was a no-brainer as we worked through the details. I’m so excited to have their support by my side and create some amazing content as we grow together,” says Bravo-Young. His entrepreneurial spirit and drive have fueled his success and will continue to help him pave the way for NCAA Wrestlers.

The possibilities are endless and we are thrilled to share his success as we grow our team and support these all-stars. Welcome to the team!

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