The Boon of Bottled Water
Consumer interest in bottled water continues to rise, and the end is nowhere in sight. Three decades ago, not only did the bottled water category essentially not exist, but was scorned as a non-starter by the few people who knew about it. After all, what consumer would be foolish enough to purchase a product that …
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Functional Refreshments
The term “liquid lunch” may soon be taking on a whole different meaning. Breakfast may become “the most important beverage of the day,” and before long parents will be telling their kids, “drink your dinner, or no dessert.” An exaggeration perhaps, but not by much. According to Chicago-based research firm Mintel, three in five consumers …
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Protein2o Now Available at Rite Aid Stores Nationwide
Chicago, IL (May 16, 2016)— Protein2o Inc., manufacturer of the nation’s top selling high protein, low-calorie waters, has announced a distribution deal with Rite Aid stores nationwide. Through this deal, Protein2o 16.9 oz. waters are now available in the sports drink coolers at 1,700 Rite Aid stores. In addition, 4,000 Rite Aid locations will also …
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Protein2o Unveils Brand Revamp
Chicago, IL (March 22, 2016)—Protein2o, manufacturer of the nation’s top selling high protein, low-calorie waters, just unveiled a beautifully contemporary brand revamp and complete reformulation to 100% whey protein isolate at The NGA Show 2016 in Las Vegas, NV earlier this month.

The Making of a New Product: Protein2o Wild Cherry Splash
In case you missed it, we featured Protein 2o Wild Cherry Splash as a Phil’s Food Reviews Pick of the Week! We caught up with Robert Kral Jr., VP Marketing & Procurement, Protein2o, Inc. to find out more about how this product was inspired and developed.

Protein2o Adds Chief Medical Officer and Nutrition Advisor to Clinical Advisory Board
Chicago, IL (PRWEB) December 21, 2015 — Protein2o, manufacturer of the nation’s top selling high protein, low-calorie waters, has announced the addition of Chief Medical Officer Brad Archer and Nutrition Adviser Kris Archer to the company’s Clinical Advisory Board. The highly qualified married team of health and wellness professionals will help the Protein2o team ensure …
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Protein2o Partners with Asian American Trade Associations Council
Chicago, IL (October 27, 2015) — Protein2o, makers of the first low-calorie, high protein waters, have partnered with the Asian American Trade Associations Council (AATAC), an organization that builds connections between manufacturers and the convenience stores that sell their products. Through this partnership, Protein2o will be able to inform convenience store owners about their innovative protein waters. The AATAC’s …
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Protein2o Announces Partnership with WJ Pence Distributors
Chicago, IL (September 21, 2015) — Protein2o Inc., manufacturer of the country’s top-selling low-calorie, high-protein water, announces a partnership with WJ Pence to distribute its beverages. The partnership will allow WJ Pence to represent Protein2o and its products to the Wisconsin market. The Protein2o team expresses excitement about the partnership and its potential to place …
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Protein2o Enters Walmart
Chicago, IL (September 8, 2015) – Protein2o Inc., manufacturer of the nation’s top selling high protein, low-calorie waters, has announced a distribution deal with Walmart Stores in 19 states. Through this deal, the Protein2o drinks will now be available for sale in over 750 Walmart stores. All of the authorized stores will carry Protein2o’s Wild …
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Protein2o Secures Distribution in Australia
Chicago, IL (August 17, 2015) – Protein2o Inc., manufacturer of the nation’s top selling low-calorie, high protein waters, is pleased to announce today the brand’s Australian market expansion via an exclusive distribution agreement with Direct Brand Distributors. The partnership will bring Protein2o products to Australia through the Direct Brand distribution channel; Direct Brand Distributors are …
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