This Protein Water From Costco is a Total Steal

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If you are trying to commit to an exercise routine in the new year, you know it can be somewhat difficult to get started. There are untold amounts of products, plans, and gizmos all claiming to be the secret to a perfect body, and it can get overwhelming — not to mention very expensive. All those pricey products add up, but in 2021, Costco has you covered with a healthy, protein-packed water. Protein2o is currently on sale now, for its lowest price ever. According to Healthline, protein water can be a great option to help you lose weight and helps aid your workout recovery. Sounds like a win-win.

The protein water Costco is offering only has 70 calories, two grams of carbs, and one gram of sugar per serving (via Protein2o). The drink is also loaded with electrolytes that are great for re-hydrating post-workout, with an added 15 to 20 grams of whey protein boost to help build muscle and it is currently a steal at Costco for just 14.99 for a twelve-pack of the water, according to Instagrammer costcobuys. It also offers a wide variety of naturally-infused fruity flavors, and you can find its newest flavors, Orange Mango and Strawberry Watermelon on Costco’s shelves now.

Costco fans love this protein water that’s on sale

The popular account costcobuys posted about the sale on their Instagram page writing, “New year, new goals? You’re in luck! Protein2o Protein Water just expanded their Costco-exclusive pack to feature their NEW Orange Mango & Strawberry Watermelon! Hurry for $4 off, their lowest price of the year, in store and online! Each bottle contains 20g of protein, electrolytes, 0 sugar, is gluten-free, keto-friendly, and naturally sweetened, flavored, and colored! They’re perfect for your post-Costco-haul snack or workout recovery!”

Workout enthusiasts and Costco deal-hunters were excited to hear the news. One follower commented, “I love protein2o, I have to try the new flavor!!” While another user celebrated writing, “These are a staple in my household!” It sounds like right now is definitely the perfect time for long-time fans of the drink to stock up. As for protein water newbies who might still be a bit skeptical, this sale is a great chance to give it a try without a big cost commitment.

Whether you are starting the new year hoping to lose weight, bulk up, cut out sugar, or are simply just trying to live a little healthier, this protein drink is the perfect choice to help you meet those goals — and the best part is it won’t break the bank.



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Protein2o is a refreshing lower calorie, lower carb alternative to protein shakes packed with empty calories, carbs and sugar. With 15-20g of protein in each bottle, Protein2o provides the fuel your body needs to power through the day.