Being Present: How Living in the Moment Can Make You Happier and More Fulfilled

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Sometimes, it seems as though our days are so busy that we don’t even get a chance to sit back and appreciate life’s pleasures. From the moment we wake up until the moment we go to bed, our days are jam-packed with tasks to complete and errands to run—and over time, this can really take a toll on our overall happiness and outlook on life. By making a concentrated effort to be more present and “in-the-moment,” we can begin to better appreciate the little pleasures in life and feel more fulfilled in the process. By following a few tips for living in the moment, you may find that there are plenty of moments to be grateful for in each day, even on those busy and hectic work days.

Focus on Your Senses

Make an effort to focus on your senses; the ability to see, smell, touch, hear, and taste are all gateways to happiness, if you know how to utilize them. The next time you’re stopping for your morning coffee to power you through a busy day at work, take a moment to enjoy the aroma of the coffee as well as the taste. Feel how the mug warms your hands as you hold it. Finding joy in these small moments will improve your outlook on the entire day.

Set Reminders for Yourself

We set reminders to finish tasks or run errands, but have you ever set a reminder to stop and smell the roses? It may seem silly, but give it a try. Set a timer or alarm on your phone with whatever phrase will remind you to slow down and take a moment to yourself. When that reminder pops up, no matter what you’re doing, stop and look around you. Take it all in. Make a note of a few things you’re thankful for, whether it be the sun shining in through your window or the people in your company.

Pick “Trigger” Activities

Finally, consider choosing a few “trigger” activities that you will focus on feeling present for when you complete them. For example, you might decide that you’re going to remember to be present any time you sit down to have dinner with your loved ones, or even each time you sit down at your desk to be productive.

Living a more fulfilled, humble, and joyous life begins with acknowledging the incredible things that you experience every day, so keep these little tips in mind and see how they affect your mood.


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