3 Healthy Alternatives to Your Favorite Holiday Dishes

December 16, 2016 /  No Replies

For many, the holiday season is a time to “let loose,” especially when it comes to dietary choices. Whether that means indulging in a few extra holiday cocktails, a pile of mashed potatoes, or a second helping of dessert, the choices you make over the holiday season can greatly impact not only your weight, but your overall health as well. By incorporating a few healthy swap-outs into your holiday meals, you can head into the New Year feeling healthy and empowered instead of bloated and miserable.

Yogurt Dip With Veggies

Who doesn’t love a great dip as an appetizer? Queso dips and spinach dips are holiday favorites that pack on the calories, especially when enjoyed with crackers or chips. However, you can enjoy the same crunchy and satisfying snacking experience without all the calories by creating a yogurt-based dip, such as a fresh cucumber and dill dip, instead. Serve up with fresh veggies, such as broccoli, carrots, and celery for a guilt-free appetizer everybody will love.

Mashed Cauliflower 

Mashed potatoes are a popular holiday side staple, but they’re also high in carbs and calories. Add in butter, sour cream, and other common ingredients, and you’re also loading up on unhealthy fats. Fortunately, you can create a nearly identical taste to traditional mashed potatoes by swapping out the potatoes with cauliflower! Simply steam a head of cauliflower until tender, then mash just like you would cooked potatoes. Add in a little flavor with garlic power or minced garlic, some fresh parsley, and some salt and pepper. Add creaminess with a little light sour cream or non-fat buttermilk. Serve this up as a side at your holiday gatherings and your guests likely won’t even notice that they’re not eating potatoes!

Fruit Salad for Dessert

Pies, cookies, and cakes are all common holiday desserts. And while we believe in being able to indulge in a delicious dessert, we don’t think a yummy dessert has to be high in fat and calories. Instead of your traditional pie, cake, or cookies, consider serving up a fresh fruit salad that’ll have everybody running for seconds. All you need are some chopped apples, grapes, nutmeg, vanilla, yogurt, and a little brown sugar to create a delicious and nutritious dish. Plus, it’s a lot easier to make than a pie!

With so many healthy and mouth-watering alternatives available to you, there’s really not an excuse to pig out on bad-for-you foods this holiday season. Give these recipes a try for yourself to see just how delicious healthy-eating can be!

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