Find out what makes Protein2o different.


Protein2o was born from the crazy idea that there’s a better way to consume the stuff that’s good for you - especially the two nutrients most important to our bodies: water and protein.

It is our mission to improve the lives of our customers with accessible products that promote a healthy, active lifestyle through the daily use of protein. We care deeply about the quality and integrity of our product which is why Protein2o is Preservative Free, GMO Free and naturally flavored.


Protein2o is a refreshing, lightly flavored water that is low in calories and carbs. And with 15g of whey protein isolate in each bottle, your body will enjoy all the benefits of protein including natural energy, weight loss, satiety (feeling of fullness), improved brain cognition and increased lean muscle mass.


How are we different?

We believe that when you do things with passion, magic happens!

Protein2o contains 98% purified whey protein isolate and provides 110% of essential amino acids. Protein2o is easy to digest, which means more protein to your body for promoting healthy lean muscle.


Protein2o uses reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration helping to remove even the smallest impurities. We are a refreshing and clear alternative.


Preservative Free, GMO Free with natural flavoring, At Protein2o, integrity in product is as important to us as it is to you.

A clear and refreshing alternative

From the casual runner or health conscious senior to the active student or working mom, we are the protein source for every lifestyle.

Using the best quality protein, Protein2o works to refresh, replenish, and restore what your body needs. Low in calories, carbs and  zero sugars, our water works as hard as you do whether you are a working parent, an on-the-go student or healing from a recent surgery. Our water works hard to take care of your body everyday and all day.

  • 110% of essential Amino Acids
  • 15G Whey Protein Isolate
  • 5 Delicious Flavors
  • Low calorie, low carb alternative to traditional protein shakes


We are a small team doing big things
Bob Kral, R.Ph
Bob Kral, R.Ph

President & CEO

Bob is Protein2o’s President & CEO.

Robert Kral
Robert Kral

VP Marketing & Procurement

Robert is Protein2o’s Vice President of Marketing and Procurement.

Joe Pelnar
Joe Pelnar

Accounting and Logistics Coordinator

Joe is the Accounting and Logistics Coordinator, and handles the daily accounting functions.

Brad Archer, MD, FACP
Brad Archer, MD, FACP

Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Archer is the Chief Medical Officer for Protein2o and a clinical associate professor in the Department of Internal Medicine at the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine.