Protein2o Water | 15G Whey Protein Isolate, Low Calorie, Zero Sugar

Is it time to change
your routine?



Nothing beats lean protein to help your body stay healthy and fit. But let’s face it, sometimes good protein sources like meat, eggs, beans and yogurt aren’t readily available. Yea, we know you can fumble around with protein shakes too, but sometimes those come with many unnecessary calories, not to mention that chalky taste that stays with you a little longer than you want.

That’s why we make Protein2o. All the benefits of protein to fuel your healthy lifestyle made in 9 refreshing fruit-flavored, low-calorie waters. Enjoy Protein2o with a workout or as a healthy bridge to your next meal. Finally, a Refreshing Take on Protein.


4 new flavors for your hydrations needs.

Our core product line with 15g Protein

NEW! Flavor Blends with 10g Protein

I wanted to reach out first of all to tell you how much I enjoy your product. As a runner I have found it to replace my Gatorade during a run and my protein shake after my run, such an amazing product!

Jennifer H.

I just wanted to say thank you for creating such a fantastic product! My doctor recently advised a low-carb/sugar free diet and I have been struggling to eat enough protein while monitoring my calorie intake.

Sara P.

Your water is a great alternative for me as I try to reach the protein goals directed by my doctor. It certainly helps when I can't stand the chalky taste of protein shakes that appeared to be my only other alternative.

Barbara L.

I am a marathon runner who loves carbs, but struggles to get enough protein. I like your product as a protein supplement throughout the day when I need to get that protein in. Moreover, I especially like Protein 2o after a run to take care of my muscle repair, and to rehydrate from the H2O in the product. It's nice to have a fruit flavored protein choice rather than some of the powders, and other chalky tasting traditional products.

Mark J.

I love your product. I had bariatric surgery 6 months ago and your drink taste great and provides low calories with high protein content. It’s perfect for me!

Margie B.

I've added your products to my diet plan, in my quest for weight loss.  Have lost 15 lbs. so far!! My favorite was Tropical Coconut, until I tried the Harvest Grape. Amazing!!

Lori F.

I absolutely love this product. I bought it as a post run supplement as I train for my first Marathon. I also suggested it to a coworker who is on a restrictive diet due to diabetes but needs a high amount of protein and little to no carbs/sugars. So I just wanted to send you guys some love and let you know you are moving mountains!

Bridget T.