Top 10 New Beverages Catching Consumers’ Attention

August 20, 2014 /  No Replies

LOS ANGELES —, an on-demand consumer-insights platform, unveiled August results of Shelf Score, which focused on recently introduced non-alcoholic beverages. Shelf Score is an index measuring consumer intent to purchase new consumer-packaged-goods (CPG) products. Shelf Score evaluates and ranks 10 of the most appealing products based on overall consumer interest from a nationally representative sample.

Of note, the top two beverages in the list are owned by PepsiCo and also include cherry flavoring. Gatorade Fierce Blue Cherry leads in consumer purchase intent with a top-two box score of 66%. Following behind in second and third place, Pepsi Made with Real Sugar, Wild Cherry at 65% and Protein2o Water at 62%. AMP Energy Dale Jr. Sour Limited Edition closed out the top 10 in last place at 38%. (See the full list below.)

A new product’s “shelf score” is derived from Concept Test, recently launched by the company as the first concept-testing platform of its kind to provide CPG brands and retailers with an easy-to-use tool to screen new product ideas, including new packaging, flavors or line extensions. Concept Test empowers brand managers to collect rich feedback from mobile and online audiences to determine key success attributes, such as purchase intent.

The products included in the August beverages edition of Shelf Score were discovered in grocery stores and online channels across the United States. To compile its list, reviewed a wide cross section of products, making final selections based on flavor innovation, interesting applications of new or popular ingredients, and category disruption from small or unknown brands. is provided by uSamp, a Los Angeles-based technology leader in market research providing automation, mobile and global sample and insight solutions for marketers.

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