Bob Kral

April 28, 2020 /  No Replies

Bob Kral began his career at Walgreens in 1980 as a pharmacist and rose through management and operations roles to Senior Vice President of Purchasing, Merchandising, and Marketing Initiatives where he was responsible for the purchasing and marketing of all non-pharmacy related products for over 7,000 stores. In 2009, Bob took the role of Senior Vice President of Merchandising at GNC where he witnessed the emerging protein supplement market and its double-digit growth. After gaining entrepreneurial experience with ventures in the fitness and supplement space he launched Protein2o in 2013 to begin realizing his vision of protein beverage that is both lower in calories and as delicious as the most popular beverages on the market.

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Protein2o is a refreshing lower calorie, lower carb alternative to protein shakes packed with empty calories, carbs and sugar. With 15-20g of protein in each bottle, Protein2o provides the fuel your body needs to power through the day.