Protein2o Splashes into New Markets

August 18, 2014 /  No Replies

Following its entrance into Hy-Vee locations, Protein2o is expanding into Mariano’s Fresh Markets. The line of low-calorie waters enhanced with 15g of protein and a blend of  electrolytes was developed to target health conscious men and women who lead active, on-the-go lifestyles.

Available in lightly flavored Berry Splash, Grape Splash and Lemon Splash, Protein2o offers consumers a way to stay hydrated while also providing 15g of protein, and only 70 calories, to keep their bodies in optimal health.

“Because ‘every body’ needs protein regularly, the product has been well received by the market across all demographics,” says Robert M. Kral, co-founder and CEO. “With only 70 good-for-you calories delivered in a healthy water, health and weight conscious consumers – which is nearly everyone today – are particularly attracted to the product. That’s one of many reasons why we believe we’re delivering incremental sales to retailers.”

Additionally, the beverage company – a Delaware corporation – has completed an initial round of capitalization with access to over $6 million in equity and working capital thru its partnership with CK Capital – a capital management firm specializing in actively managed investments.

“The founders of Protein2o are all experienced retail, beverage, and distribution executives so we knew we had to offer an affordable product rooted in a key consumer need. We also knew we’d have to serve our retail customers and other distribution partners with excellence. Even the best product won’t succeed if its poorly serviced and marketed—you have to flawlessly execute. Our preparation, including our capital plan, is allowing us to deliver on every aspect of the business as we tap into the latent consumer demand Protein2o is satisfying,” adds Kral.

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Protein2o is a refreshing lower calorie, lower carb alternative to protein shakes packed with empty calories, carbs and sugar. With 15-20g of protein in each bottle, Protein2o provides the fuel your body needs to power through the day.