Protein2o Partners with Asian American Trade Associations Council

October 27, 2015 /  No Replies

Chicago, IL (October 27, 2015) — Protein2o, makers of the first low-calorie, high protein waters, have partnered with the Asian American Trade Associations Council (AATAC), an organization that builds connections between manufacturers and the convenience stores that sell their products. Through this partnership, Protein2o will be able to inform convenience store owners about their innovative protein waters.

The AATAC’s goal is to inform member retailers about innovative new products, like Protein2o, that will serve their customers well. Sunil Capita, associate director of AATAC, expressed his excitement about introducing Protein2o to member retailers. “Our retailers trust us to bring them information about the best products that convenience store customers want. We are excited to present them with industry-leading products, like Protein2o, that appeal to the rapidly growing population of consumers looking to make healthier lifestyle choices.”

Protein2o was created out of a desire to craft a beverage that offers a protein and electrolyte enhanced water that is not full of unnecessary calories, carbs and sugar. It is the first line of naturally-flavored, low-calorie waters to contain 15g of protein as well as hydrating electrolytes. With only 70 calories, Protein2o is the lowest calorie RTD protein beverage available and it is the ideal beverage for anyone wanting to lose weight, improve their physique, stay energized, or simply live a healthy lifestyle.

“We are excited about the chance to partner with AATAC,” said Brian Stuckelman, Vice President of Sales for Protein2o. “Convenience store customers are huge part of our target market, as these customers are looking for protein drinks as they go about their day, and the AATAC is connected with over 80,000 locations across the United States.”

Through the partnership agreement, Protein2o will be introduced and recommended to AATAC’s retail convenience store partners. The Protein2o team hopes to expand the reach of the product through new agreements with business owners that are part of the organization.

About Protien2o

Protein2o was born out of the desire to provide a better way for people to consume water and protein, two of the most important nutrients for health. Protein2o is a protein-enhanced beverage that provides crisp, clean water with 15g of protein. It has no chalky taste, artificial sweeteners, sugar or high calorie count. The naturally-flavored drink contains electrolytes and has just 70 calories. To learn more visit or join the protein movement @protein2o.


AATAC is a national association comprised of smaller associations and buying groups with a primary focus on the convenience store industry. The 50,000 members of AATAC control over 80,000 convenience store locations across the United States. Utilizing a multitude of industry targeted implements such as e-blasts, trade shows, and exclusive regional meetings, the main goal of AATAC is to inform their network about new products and services that can help grow their member’s businesses. Learn more about AATAC at

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Protein2o is a refreshing lower calorie, lower carb alternative to protein shakes packed with empty calories, carbs and sugar. With 15-20g of protein in each bottle, Protein2o provides the fuel your body needs to power through the day.