Our Predictions for the 3 Next Biggest Fitness Trends!

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It seems like fitness trends are constantly changing and evolving, so if you’ve been looking to get into better shape using an innovative and effective program, you may have a hard time keeping up! From Zumba to CrossFit and everything in between, we have seen some great new fitness innovations in recent years that are here to stay. But what about hot new trends that are sure to take the fitness world by storm? We’ve got a few predictions for what we think will be the biggest trends of 2017, so take a look at these for yourself and see which ones you may want to try out!


While spinning may have been the big cardio trend over the last few years, rowing is quickly gaining popularity as a great workout for the upper body and for burning calories. In fact, did you know that when performed correctly, a rowing session can target up to 85% of your muscles? This, combined with the fact that rowing exercises are high-intensity while still being gentle on your body, make them a great option for those looking to get into shape without “punishing” their bodies a la CrossFit. Some gyms are even beginning to offer rowing classes, so if this is something that interests you, consider dropping into a class near you to give it a try.


Who doesn’t love to rock out with a pair of makeshift drumsticks? With the new Pound workout, you’ll get to enjoy a full-body, intensive cardio workout that incorporates the fun motions and rhythms of drumming! These classes are a ton of fun and feature high energy music that even those who aren’t exactly musically inclined will be able to pick up on easily. In the meantime, you’ll enjoy an incredible workout that can burn as many as 900 calories in just one 45-minute session.

Team Workouts

If you like group fitness classes, then you may also want to check out team workouts offered by your local gym. Specifically, a team workout takes the same basic concept of a group fitness class but incorporates a little friendly competition by dividing participants up into teams and converting performance into scores. The groups with the highest energy output win bragging rights! But don’t worry: in most of these classes, only your team average is displayed for everybody to see; your personal scores are for your eyes only.

Do any of these workouts pique your interest? If so, then be sure to give them a try for yourself. Who knows? You may be among the first to jump on-board with the next biggest fitness trend. Have fun with it!

Source: http://www.shape.com/fitness/trends/15-next-big-fitness-trends

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