Natural Wayz to Distribute Protein2o

August 19, 2014 /  No Replies

CINNAMINSON, N.J. — Natural Wayz Wholesale has agreed to become a distributor in the mid-Atlantic region for Protein2o. Headquartered in Melrose Park, Illinois, Protein2o provides the two nutrients most important to our bodies: water and protein. It is the only low calorie, lightly flavored water enhanced with electrolytes to keep you hydrated and 15 grams of protein to keep you going.

“We are very pleased to have the opportunity to distribute a unique and great tasting product like Protein2o. This fits in well with our growing line of beverages that provide specific functional and nutritional benefits.” Co-Owner Chuck McCormick stated, “Consumer demand is growing daily for beverage alternatives that provide functional purpose and we are very confident Protein2o will be a top selling product within our current portfolio of beverages.” McCormick said.

“The momentum we are experiencing with Protein2o’s line of lightly-flavored protein waters is propelling the company’s distribution network.  We continue to make excellent progress implementing Protein2o’s growth strategy in what is shaping up to be an explosive first year for our company.” Bob Kral, President/CEO of Protein2o said, “Natural Wayz Wholesale is an ideal partner for Protein2o because of its ability to provide deeper penetration into a wide range of retailers and we are thrilled about this partnership.”

About Protein2o

Protein2o aims to evolve the protein category by creating a new sub-category called “Lifestyle Protein”, or protein supplements that are low in calories. To learn more, visit us at  or join the protein movement @protein2o.

Natural Wayz Wholesale is a wholesale distributor of multiple natural beverages and other healthy product lines. Offering healthier and functional alternatives compared to the never ending line of drinks in our society that cause more harm than good.

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Protein2o is a refreshing lower calorie, lower carb alternative to protein shakes packed with empty calories, carbs and sugar. With 15-20g of protein in each bottle, Protein2o provides the fuel your body needs to power through the day.