Healthy Habits You Already Have (But Don’t Realize It)

January 6, 2016 /  No Replies

We often focus on what we could do better in life, rather than on what we might already do quite well. We fret about eating well, exercising enough, and performing well at work or giving our children the best upbringing possible.

Each year, millions of Americans and people around the world make their New Year’s resolutions, but it might be time to look at what you’re already doing well and build upon those healthy habits for an energetic and inspiring 2016.

Do You Cook Meals at Home?

It’s not uncommon to begin cooking at home because eating out is expensive, but firing up your oven can offer more than a monetary benefit. Preparing meals at home can help you stick to your resolution to eat healthy food, as well as spend time with your significant other or family.

Want to transform that good habit into an excellent habit? Improve the quality of the food you eat at home by making a few easy switches. For example, you might try using olive oil in your recipes instead of butter. Another great habit is to include fresh veggies with every meal (if you don’t already!).

Do You Get Active?

Every time you take the stairs at work, walk to the grocery store, or take a walk around the block, you’re making a healthy decision to get active. Even small amounts of exercise are beneficial as many studies reveal. You don’t have to become a gym addict to reap the benefits of physical activity.

Want to make your healthy habit even better? Set a small goal for yourself this year. Try to run a local 5K race in 2016, and you’ll get a fun commemorative shirt for your efforts and a few cool photographs when you cross the finish line.

Do You Donate to Charity?

Many Americans give to charity at the end of the year when we want to snag a tax benefit, or we see those red kettles outside the grocery store. Charitable endeavors can help you feel good about your donations, but you might even improve your health by volunteering.

One theory suggests volunteering helps get you active, which can have significant health benefits like lowering your blood pressure. Studies have also shown volunteering may ward off depression and increase lifespan. If your charitable efforts usually involve monetary donations, you might try volunteering this year at a local charity instead.

Cultivating great habits doesn’t mean you have to dedicate each and every hour of your day to conquering your list of resolutions. Find inspiration in what you’ve already accomplished, and carry that feeling with you throughout the year as you improve your health, body, and mind.

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