The Most Addictive Foods

March 9, 2015 /  No Replies

Increasing waistlines, clogged arteries, and the likelihood of chronic diseases like diabetes have thrust our unhealthy eating habits into the spotlight. A recent University of Michigan study suggests highly processed foods lead to “addictive-like” eating behaviors. Studies have even compared binging on unhealthy food to drug addiction.

Your mouth probably waters at the thought of fresh baked chocolate chip cookies or a plate full of cupcakes. Maybe you love greasy French fries and cheeseburgers. Foods with high percentages of saturated fat and refined sugar overload our senses, and your brain will do its very best to convince you to consume more of these unhealthy eats.

Want to fight food addiction? Avoid these foods like the plague.

White Bread

The fight between whole wheat bread and white bread has been one of the major health food battles in the last few decades, but white bread is absolutely dreadful.

You get white bread when you take out all the good stuff from whole wheat bread. All you’re left with is sugar, refined flour, and a bloated tummy.

Potato Chips

You don’t need to eliminate potatoes from your diet, but they’re pretty unhealthy in chip form. Loaded with sodium and fat, many potato chips also contain trans-fats, which are an evil and artery-clogging fat that should be completely avoided.

Many major brands even contain sugar, which helps fuel our potato chip addiction.

Ice Cream

As one of the most popular “comfort” foods, ice cream is what your sweet tooth dreams about each night. However, each time you eat ice cream, your body increases the threshold ¬†where you feel satiated.

Eat too much ice cream, and soon that pint won’t be enough to satisfy your appetite.

Can You Eat and Not Become Addicted?

Unfortunately, you’re working against some pretty strong brain chemistry when you choose to eat these and other highly addictive foods like pizza, cake, and cookies.

What’s the best way to avoid a food addiction? By tossing out those mini muffins, candy bars, and processed foods that are more filler than substance. Commit to a healthy diet and watch your energy and mood soar as your body flourishes with healthy vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.

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