5 Key Nutrients Your Body Needs

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Eating well can often times be a challenge when you want to eat something delicious as well. If you find yourself craving a diet that helps maintain strength and energy while promoting a healthy lifestyle full of multiple dining options, here are five essential nutrients that should always be considered while choosing your next meal.



A sweet and delicious way to keep your heart and kidneys in top condition, potassium aids in keeping blood pressure down, lowering the risk of stroke and heart attack, as well as promoting a healthy digestive system. Bananas, cantaloupe, apricots and other fruits are great sources of this important nutrient.


Vitamin C

One of nature’s greatest health remedies, Vitamin C will not only up your immune system and give you more energy on a day-to-day basis, but it also plays a huge role in bone health. Get your daily dose of vitamin C through oranges, Brussels sprouts and a number of other fruits and vegetables…your body will thank you for it!



The most common mineral found in the human body, diets rich in calcium will ensure healthy blood clotting, nerve impulse transmission and muscle contraction—all essential for an active lifestyle. Dairy products such as yogurt and milk, as well as greens like kale and broccoli, are all high in calcium, which is extremely important for your body from childhood all the way through adulthood.



Natural energy source and crucial to digestive regulation, fiber is an integral part of your diet sure to give you more energy to be active and enjoy the things you love to do. Oatmeal and sweet potato are two delicious foods that will help in sufficient fiber intake.



Long-lasting energy provider and lean muscle builder, it is recommended by specialists that ¼ of your energy intake every day come from protein. A diet high in protein will speed up your metabolism to give your body energy to keep it going through the day as well as build lean muscle mass. It may very well be the most important nutrient in maintaining an active lifestyle! Each bottle of Protein2o contains 15 grams of hydrolyzed protein making this a great place to start! Eggs, beans and nuts are other foods that are high in protein and will give you the energy you need to live the healthy lifestyle of your choice!

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