5 Amazing Benefits of Water

November 26, 2015 /  No Replies

A balanced diet means eating a healthy combination of protein, fat, and carbohydrates, and it also means drinking enough water. Not only is water an essential component of healthy digestion, but it’s also surprisingly important for keeping hunger at bay.

There’s no doubt about it: water can transform your life when you include it as a featured participant in your healthy diet. Here are some of the amazing things you’ll experience when you start drinking enough water each day.

1. Your Digestion System Thrives on Water

One of the uncomfortable and potentially painful problems that develop when you don’t drink enough water is your colon siphons water away from your stool, which makes going to the bathroom a particularly difficult experience. Keeping yourself hydrated ensures smooth digestion and helps prevent constipation.

2. Your Kidneys Love Water

Your intestines will thank you for every glass of water your drink, and you’ll make your kidneys happy, too. Your kidneys detoxify your body, and they can’t work efficiently without water. One of the major toxins your kidneys must process is called blood urea nitrogen, and water is an essential component of the detoxification process. Don’t make your kidneys work harder than necessary; grab a glass of water!

3. Water Helps Fuel Your Muscles

If you want a strong workout, you need to keep your body hydrated. Without water, your muscles can’t maintain the right balance of electrolytes (your body’s minerals), and you feel fatigued in the middle of your workout. Water helps you enjoy strong, invigorating workouts, and it reduces the danger of an electrolyte imbalance that can cause brain damage, as well as a laundry list of other health problems.

4. Water Makes You Look Healthy

Sure, you’ll feel healthy when you drink water, but you’ll also look healthy, too. Don’t buy that $100 wrinkle cream. Instead, drink water to naturally hydrate your skin. Did you know your body will take water from your skin to keep your organs healthy? Keep that from happening by drinking an extra glass of water each day.

5. Water Helps You Cut Calories

Put down that bottle of diet pills and grab a glass of water instead. Water keeps you feeling full, so you don’t break down and buy a giant candy bar at the store. Also, consider that the average person usually confuses thirst for hunger. If you just ate and you still feel hungry, you might need nothing more than a tall drink of water.

Water is the zero-calorie miracle drink, and you should make it your constant companion each day. Hydrate yourself and you’ll look healthy, feel healthy, and be healthy.

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