4 Tips for Sticking to Your Diet Plan Over the Holidays

November 15, 2016 /  No Replies

Staying committed to your diet and fitness plan isn’t easy, but this task can be especially difficult over the holiday season. With holiday parties and family gatherings, the food is abundant and it’s not always easy to say “no.” Fortunately, we’ve got some surefire tips that’ll help you stay on-track this holiday season!

Eat a Small Meal

Never show up to a holiday party on an empty stomach; instead, enjoy a small, healthy meal before you leave so that you’re better able to control your portions and exercise your willpower at the party. We recommend eating about an hour before the event for best results.

Bring a Healthy Dish

If you’re worried about a lack of healthy options at a holiday party, why not bring your own dish that you can feel good about enjoying? Green bean casseroles, salads, veggie trays, and healthy substitutions of your favorite sides are always a good idea! For example, you can satisfy your craving for a side of mashed potatoes with a dish of mashed cauliflower. Yum!

Restrict Serving Sizes

The last thing you want is to feel like you’re restricted from eating what you want over the holidays, so consider focusing on balancing your serving sizes. For example, instead of saying “no” to that pumpkin pie, why not grab just the tiniest of slices and split it with a family member? You can also restrict your serving sizes by using a smaller plate, bowl, and utensils when loading up your meal.

Stick to Your Workouts

Last but not least, if you’ve committed to a workout plan, do your best to stick with it during the holidays. When you’ve worked your butt off at the gym earlier in the day, you’re less likely to pig out at those evening holiday parties. Even on days when you don’t have time for an hour-long gym session, taking the time to go for a quick walk or bust out some calisthenics in the comfort of your own home can make all the difference.

Don’t let the holidays undo your progress; follow these simple tips to stick with your diet plans, even during those holiday parties. You’ll thank your self come the New Year!

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