Acai Blueberry Pomegranate

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Is there any better combination than tart pomegranate, sweet blueberry, and flavorful acai? We think not. Enjoy just the right amount of sweetness with five grams of sugar and the power of natural antioxidants from the delicious pomegranate. The light tanginess of the pomegranate and acai berry bring out the delicious, sweet notes of the luscious blueberry with every sip. And with 10 grams of protein in each serving, you’ll be feeling ready to take on the rest of your day. Fuel your body and your taste buds with exotic fruit flavor that packs a major punch.

  • Delicious acai blueberry pomegranate flavored protein infused water
  • 10g whey protein isolate
  • No artificial sweeteners, colors or flavors
  • Only 60 calories and 5g carb per serving (5g sugar)
  • Certified OU-D Kosher, gluten free, lactose free, and BPA-Free