The Magic Protein Formula For Weight Loss

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Many people assume that the key purpose of adding protein to one’s diet is to aid in muscle building. And while it’s true that protein contains the building blocks that muscle tissue needs to regrow larger and stronger, it isn’t just for muscle building. In fact, recent findings have shown that increasing protein intake could aid in achieving weight loss goals. If you’ve been looking to lose weight and lead an overall healthier lifestyle, taking time to understand how protein can aid in weight loss and how to incorporate the right levels of it into your diet could benefit you.

How Can Protein Aid in Weight Loss?

There are many ways in which protein can assist in weight loss for both men and women. For starters, foods that are rich in protein tend to be more filling and lower in calories, meaning you can eat more of them and feel fuller for longer. This can help you keep your calorie intake down, which will naturally help you lose more weight. Furthermore, protein can help you to avoid those pesky sugar highs and crashes that inevitably occur when you consume too many carbohydrates. In turn, you’ll be able to avoid cravings and stay more energized, which could lead to better workouts.

Finally, when you do consume protein to build leaner muscle mass, your body composition changes. As you lose fat and gain a higher level of lean muscle, your body is also able to burn more calories because protein has a higher thermic effect than carbs or fats.

Research on Protein Intake for Weight Loss

Still not convinced? Take a look at a compelling study published in The FASEB Journal, where 39 patients on a weight-loss regimen were split into three groups. Two groups were instructed to consume the daily recommended allowance of protein, whereas the third group consumed twice the daily amount. Those in the double protein group were able to lose the same amount of weight/fat as those in the first two groups, but were able to do so without losing any muscle mass in the process.

Protein is not just for those looking to build muscle, but for those who want to lose weight and build a leaner physique overall. Consider adding more protein to your diet as you work towards your health and fitness goals; you may be surprised by the results!

5 Reasons Why Protein Is Good for Weight Loss

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