4 Simple Swaps to Make for Lasting Weight Loss

August 29, 2017 /  No Replies

Nearing or achieving your weight loss goals is an exciting thing, and definitely something to be proud of. However, this can also be a bit of an uneasy time, as some people who lose weight have a hard time keeping it off. Now than ever, it’s important to have a plan not just for reaching those final weight loss goals, but maintaining them indefinitely. The good news is that by making a few simple changes in your daily diet, you can sustain your new weight and lead a healthier lifestyle overall!

Cut Carbs With Cauliflower

If you cut back on carbs during your weight loss journey, you’ve probably heard of (or perhaps even tried) using cauliflower as a low-carb substitute for many of your favorite dishes. Now is a great time to commit to this food swap for sustained weight loss. With riced cauliflower you can make all kinds of delicious dishes without the guilt, including fried ride and even pizza dough!

Give Zucchini Noodles a Try

Another carb swap to consider is ditching the traditional pasta for zucchini noodles. You can pick up a zucchini “noodler” device at your local home goods store for less than $15 and use this to easily create zucchini noodles for your favorite dishes, including pastas and stir fry! And if you cook the “zoodles” in just the right amount of oil at the proper heat, they’ll get nice and tender, just like a real pasta noodle.

Be Mindful of Your Coffee Add-Ins

We would never try to take away your morning coffee, but if you’re the type to enjoy lots of sugary add-ins to your cup of joe, now is the time to reconsider. Sugars, flavored creamers, and full-fat milk can all turn that low-calorie coffee into a calorie-packed sugar bomb. Consider, instead, enjoying your coffee black or with healthy add-ins, like unsweetened almond milk.

Ditch the Sugary Soda

Speaking of sugar, you might also want to consider kicking your daily soda to the curb. One can of soda can easily pack 140 calories or more, which equates to nearly 1,000 calories per week. A healthier swap would be seltzer water, which has carbonation similar to soda and can be found in a variety of flavor options.

Maintaining your weight loss doesn’t have to mean making huge sacrifices. By simply staying moderately active and following these food swaps, you’ll feel great and have an easier time keeping the weight off.

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